Our company SODEICO s a r l was established in 1987.

We are a Human Resources Management company specialized in providing high-level HR MANAGEMENT services including recruitment, outsourcing (local & Expatriate), HR Solutions & Medical Care Services all over the central African region.


Sodeico Manpower is also part of an international consortium providing technical support for projects in Human Resources Management (HRM) and staff training funded by major international institutions such as the European Union (EU), the World Bank (WB) and the African Development Bank (ADB)

We focus on raising productivity through improved quality, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core business activities.

Our customers include the largest multinational corporations, international organizations, diplomatic representations as well as major local operators such as ERICSSON, ALCATEL, TIGO, AIRTEL, ORANGE, VODACOM, ZTE, TOTAL, BOLLORE, CFAO, BCDC, ECOBANK, FIBANK, BOA, HENNER GROUP, GIZ, CTB, NESTLE, UNHCR, IRC, MSB, WFP, UNICEF, Embassies of FRANCE, BELGIUM, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAN, SWITZERLAND, SWEDEN

• Recruitment
• Manpower
• HR Solutions
• Academy
• Medical
Our vision is to expand the employment market, promote the skills and respect the labor law. 
Our goal is to meet the requirements of our Clients in finding the right profile while maximizing the development of the candidates in the workplace.
• « Tailored » service
• Pre-financing of the first month’s salary
• Monitored quality of services
• Social Support
• Widespread Presence 
We have among our Clients the biggest multina- tional companies, international organizations, diplomatic representations and major local economic operators.

Mbanzi Elof Moupondo