Staff Training and Upgrading

SODEICO offers the Client the opportu- nity to preserve the level of compe- tence and competitiveness of its staff through training modules tailored to specific business needs. We ensure custom made training of your staff and regular upgrade to ensure the best performance and maximum productivity.


  • Detection of weaknesses in the company’s workforce
  • Offers for training to overcome these weaknesses Customized and specific training
  • National and international network of trainers, experts and consultants

Young Congolese Graduates Inclusion Program SODEICO has set up a integration program for young Congolese talent through a rotating internship system. This program aims to fill any gaps in the education, strengthen basic skills and provide a first work experience to young graduates.

SODEICO manages multiple internships cycles and serves as a relay between the various actors (graduates, universities, businesses). With this program we give companies the opportunity to hire competent and operational « young talents » after they completed a conclusive and professio- nalizing training cycle.


  • Organization and selection process performed by SODEICO
  • Young talents tested and evaluated by us
  • Provision of the best elements for your business
  • Administrative management by SODEICO
  • Low risk and recruitment costs
  • Probation of candidates without contractual constraints
  • Visibility for the company