In order to meet your specific needs, SODEICO has developed solutions to support your human resources management. We put our expertise at your service for technical assistance. We are committed to provide the results corresponding to the predetermined criteria.


  • You outsource safely processing pay slips, employees’ management and tax returns. Our service ranges from the collection of data to the production of documents for organizations. Thanks to its tools and rigor, SODEICO guarantees serenity and security to its customers.

    SODEICO helps you manage: treatment of wages, overtime, pay slips, bank transfers, social and tax returns, IPR, INSS, INPP…

    We carry your entire Payroll Repository adapting it to the specifics of your company (collection of business and employees’ information, setting up a payroll plan, recovery of your online payroll variables on an Excel table, payroll produc- tion).

    Secure and computered transmission of pay slips.



SODEICO offers its expertise in HR management and assistance. Our experts in labour law are available to answer questions or solve problems of your daily employees’ administration in order to maximize your time.

SODEICO carries with you:

  • Drafting of endorsement contract templates and memoranda
  • Assistance during inspections, disputes with employees and unions
  • Internal audit on administrative staff records
  • Job classification and staff restraining
  • Implementation of HR policies and procedures
  • Facilitation of Visa & Work permits Team Building