We provide qualified and effective outsourced agents. You super- vise the staff on an operational level and we provide the adminis- trative and legal management (contracts, payment of wages, control and monitoring).

SODEICO Manpower takes care of all the social aspects such as medical care, holidays and any other legal or contractual obliga- tion. We fulfill all fiscal obligations to the state institutions (IPR, INSS, INPP and others).


  • « Pool of reserves » for quick replacement in case of absence (sickness, leave) of an agent
  • Pre-financing for all agent related costs
  • Supervision, Quality control and Reporting of agents’ perfor- mance
  • Staff Coverage and Insurance. We manage health care for all our workers and their legal dependents.
  • Insurance professional liability guaranteeing SODEICO share of responsibility for damage caused to the client or to a third party in the exercise of its activities
  • Deployment of our agents over the whole country